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For a country dominated by motorists like the US, it's amazing how many well-developed bike trails are in Central Florida. This ranges from sandy trails through the wild nature parks, beautifully paved paths in urban parks, to difficult mountain bike trails in selected parks such as Doris Leeper and Chuck Lennon. But the main attraction are the beautiful multi-use trails through the country, which were created in the last few years and are not yet completely finished. So is a 260-mile bike trail under construction / planning to go from the St. Johns River through Volusia, Flagler, Putnam, St. Johns and Brevard Counties. These are well-laid, paved paths for bikers, skateboarding, walkers or whatever you can do without a motor. They are mostly off the beaten track in the middle of nature, roads are crossed, these transitions are usually well secured, and on the trail there are always benches, restrooms, drinking water and repair stations with air pump. At the endpoints, but also in between, are trailheads where you can park your car, mostly with restrooms and other facilities, and everything is clean and well maintained. The highlight was on a trailhead at Lake Mary, there was even free sunscreen. And often on the mountain bike trails there is bike wash, so you do not have to take the dirt-spattered bike home.

Bike Trails in Central Florida - East

When I started to discover the bike trails in Florida I looked for a book about the trails. There are a few, but not what I wanted. No precise description, no GPS points, not many photos. Even how to get there, was very vague and good maps not included. So I decided to do it myself.

The first book came out a few years ago and is constantly updated. It contains the Multi Use Trails in East - Central Florida with description of the trails including GPS waypoints,  current maps and photos.  

All information is from February 2024. The book is sold in local bike shops around Daytona Beach.

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Bike Trails in Central Florida - West

Since so many people are constantly asking about the C2C route, and complete and current information is not so easy to find, I published a second book for Central Florida – West including navigation for the C2C. 

The book contains the trails in the West like SunCoast, Withlacoochee and Pinellas, but more important is the navigation for the C2C. In 5 stages it describes exactly where to go, which trail is part of the C2C. Maps for each stage and even the gaps are included.

All information is from February 2024.

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Paint the Trail

Seminole Wekiwa Trail

The Seminole Wekiwa Trail from Longwood to Altamonte Springs is the absolute highlight of the trails in Central Florida. Not only is it through beautiful nature, but part of the trail shows fence art paintings. An absolute must see – must do.

Spring-to-Spring Trail

The Spring-to-Spring Trail is one of the most beautiful trails in Florida. Four springs are located along the wonderful route through beautiful nature, each worthwhile to make a detour to the park. Whether it's pancakes at DeLeon Park or Looking for Manatees at Blue Springs Park, there's something for everyone.

East Central Regional Rail Trail

On the old, no longer needed railway embankment a very nice multi use trail was created, which leads from Edgewater to the Green Springs Park, altogether 57 km. At intervals there are benches as well as car parking spaces with restrooms.
Another branch is from Maytown Spur to Titusville, at 28 km .

St. Johns River-to-Sea-Loop Alliance

The St Johns River-to-Sea Loop is one of two top-priority Florida SUN Trails (Shared-Use Non-motorized paved trails).  The 260-mile Loop is about 50% complete as of spring 2023. The Loop will become one of the most popular touring regions of Florida, inspiring residents and attracting visitors and new residents, and will connect people and communities and stimulate locally resourceful economic development along its entire 260-mile route. The Loop will become a model for active transportation and for place-focused tourism.   The Alliance will become a model for stimulating local, regional and global involvement, support and promotion of trail planning, development and use.  

Special thanks to Marguerite Ardito, president of the alliance, for all her wonderful work.

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